Some of the things people asked about (e.g. the amp crystal which is basically a magic amplifier) will be talked about in not too distant future pages.
Francois is a good puppy, by the way.

From my LiveJournal:

Well it looks like I’m going to New York with Mom next week. I really don’t want to go.
See this isn’t interesting big city fun with stuff New York, it’s so boring Kytri wants to slit her wrists but doesn’t because she’s afraid of blood Cooperstown, New York.
Cooperstown lives in a magical pasttime before there was an internet or cable TV or touch tone phones and people still gave a shit about baseball.

Anyway I won’t be able to update next week because no internets. Yeah.

If by some miracle I find some wireless maybe I’ll make a blog post or something.

If any one wants to do a guest gag-page or something and can get it to me by monday (we leave tuesday) I’ll set it to post while I’m gone. I guess I should ask for two but I’ll accept any I get and probably put them all up in a separate gallery after I’m back. Not likely anyone will have the time or desire to do it anyway.