I had some trouble deciding if Xianta-as-Niko would refer to herself as “me” or “her.” The first person probably works better on all levels though. I really kinda wish that I could have put more dialogue in this page but Tzen’s alter personality doesn’t speak so… yeah.

I ended up getting started a little late on the comic today because I was feeling sort of crummy. I signed up for a new art gallery site a couple of days ago, and so far the welcome hasn’t been as friendly as I’d hoped. I haven’t got much feedback there, but what little I’ve got so far has been pretty negative. It’s probably just that I don’t belong there, but it really kinda upset me.
Anyway I hope this page is alright despite my poor mood.

Oh, almost forgot! I set up a new contact email for my site, so if you want to send me a message privately, you can now. The address is contact @ skyscrapersoup.com I’ll do my best to respond quickly to any mail I get at that address.