I’m making this post early because I’m moving friday-saturday (as I’m typing this it’s thursday). I kinda like how Tzen’s face turned out on this page, he looks… peaceful I think. My internetings might be a little erratic the first couple of days after I move because our house only has wireless and my desktop has no wireless card.
That favorite character poll I was running seems to have slowed down in getting votes. Tzen, Irian, and Zeta are tied for first. All the male characters seem to have their share of fangirls, except Revy. Poor thing, maybe it’s because he has a girlfriend and the IQ of a basset hound.
I recently I put stat counters on all three comic sites. The stats are kind of interesting. SmackJeeves has the least traffic but gets way more comments than the other two sites. My own site has the most traffic but the least comments. The DrunkDuck mirror also gets a relative lot of traffic and not many comments.
Also, I think maybe I should mention that even if I don’t always respond to each comment, I love getting them.