So I’ve been listening to that new Webcomics Weekly podcast that Scott Kurtz, et. al. are doing. I like it okay so far even though they haven’t given too much advice that I’ve been able to put to use. Still a good listen I think.
They talked about taking donations last time. I’ve tried it a couple of times in the past few years but never got a single donation, so they probably don’t work, at least for me. Course, selling things doesn’t work for me either. lol I guess my audience is just too small. I sometimes worry about that, not so much because my audience is small but because I’ve been doing this comic for more than three years now and if I was making a good product you’d think I’d be a little more well known.

In other news some friends of friends came to my room while I was drawing the comic and one of them thought I drew the Dominic Deegan poster on my wall. They were all were very impressed with it. I had to explain that I didn’t do it, weird, especially considering my art bears almost no resemblance to Mookie’s.