So, there wasn’t a comic on Wednesday. Luckily no one cared, or perhaps unluckily. A more popular comic would have gotten a lot of complaints. Normally I try to do a comic no matter what, even if I’m sick (which is good because I get sick a lot), but this week I was bedridden with a high fever for like all of Tuesday and Wednesday; I can’t even really remember what actually happened then and what was a fever dream.
I’m still pretty sick actually, but I’m able to function because the fever went down and I’m heavily medicated.
Anyway I’m sorry for missing the update.

In other news I got an (automated) email from the guy who runs, apparently he’s running now.
Rift now has a teeny, tiny, relatively craptactular entry, that I made out of the automatic template one they sent me. I also got kicked out of the list of webcomics page, apparently. I don’t really know how to edit wiki, but if you do and want to make Rift’s entry suck less, please do so.