My site seems a tad wonky today, and I can’t tell if it’s the site or just that my internet is crappy here.

Every once in a while I mention that my comic is on the lower end of the popularity spectrum. I’m not trying to be down on myself, though I appreciate it when people try and make arguments against it. This is one of those moments.
Sometimes I find myself drawing something and think, “if I had a fandom X imaginary fandom subgroup would go crazy over this.” And I think if there were such a thing as an Irian/Synthy shipper he/she/it would go crazy for the next to last panel on this page. Cause, you know, if two characters touch it’s clearly twu wub forever.
Fandoms are wacky like that, I kinda wish Rift had one.

Oh and it turns out I lied, I rewore my costume from last year. Better pictures to be posted eventually. This weekend I’mma be an air pirate.