So next week is Thanksgiving and I’m going to my parents house for the week. Partially because the school kicks us out, but also I really like Thanksgiving.
Anyway I’m not going to have access to my scanner, so I can’t post new comics while I’m there. I will have internet though (dial up). I’m gonna try something a little new; I’ve been wanting to write some of the Rift back-story (meaning you don’t have to read it to understand the current storyline) for some time so I’m gonna start on a first draft and post a little bit of it on the normal update days for the comic. On the plus side, it’s prose so I’ll probably fit a lot more story into the same space; on the down side, it’s prose so it won’t have pictures.
I don’t have a lot of practice writing prose and it’s a rough draft so it may not be that good initially, but if people like it I’ll post more as I get it done.