Okay, so I’m a couple of days early, but I doubt anyone’s going to see thing right away anyhow. This Wednesday is Rift’s fifth anniversary, so I’m doing a lot of little things that just happen to coincide with it.
EINS!- I’ve started a third webcomic Skyscraper Soup, it’s essentially a journal comic about me and my housemates. Hijinks ensue. True hijinks, that I’m certain people will think I made up. As of this writing there is only one strip available but it’s going to update every Monday Wednesday and Friday.
ZWEI!- Rift is going back to the twice a week update schedule! Wednesday and Saturday.
DREI!- I’ve added a donate button and lowered the price of the book. It’s now only $11.99 and the eBook version is only $2. If I get enough sales of volume 1 I’ll start working on volume 2. Also, I’m going to start drawing new wallpaper images every time a receive a set amount of money. Right now it’s $10 but it may go up if I start getting a lot of donations.