I’m a little wary about announcing this now, but I may as well go ahead and do it.

I’m thinking about ending this comic early.

When I originally conceived of this story it was made up of several parts. Five originally, but it’s since been scaled back to two. They wouldn’t be labeled that way in the comic, but in my mind they are. The first part would end at the end of chapter 9. I’m thinking about ending the story at chapter 9.
My primary reason being that I’ve been working on this comic for a long time and not had a lot to show for it. It’s not very popular and I haven’t been able to make any sort of business out of it. I’ve wanted to be a professional comic artist for a long time and Rift isn’t the comic that’s going to get me there. I think maybe once it reaches a good stopping point I should just leave it for a while and make more time to work on other things. I might pick it back up again in the future.

Mind you the end of chapter nine is a ways off (it’s still early in chapter seven) so Rift’ll have at least another year, possibly two, of solid updates. If the comic somehow becomes wildly popular and/or successful in that time I’ll definitely keep going to the end. Think of it like a TV show that was planned to have two seasons but was canceled after the first one due to poor ratings.