The Rift is a story I’ve been working on since I was in high school round about 2000 or so but I’ll assume that if you’re reading this you probably don’t care so much about the evolution of the project and would rather just know what the heck it’s about.

The storyline follows a group of bounty hunters in a futuristic fantasy world, apart from that it’s sort of an adventure/comedy/semi-romance thing. It’s sort of difficult to pin down a specific genre. The content is relatively mild, I’d rate it a PG13 if it were a movie. Anyway if you’re new to the site I recommend starting reading the comic from the beginning.

The comic is now on a semi-permanent hiatus. I apologize for not finishing the story, but after more than five years and less than five fans I determined that it was time for the comic to come to an end. You can read more about my decision here. If you enjoyed The Rift and want to read more stories with the characters, many of them have migrated over to a new comic called This is the Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had! I hope you guys will enjoy it.