I’d better go ahead and make this post before I forget.
Katsucon is next weekend (Feb 15-17) I will be there. You should be there also if it is at all possible. Katsucon is made of awesome and win. Unfortunately, I won’t have an art table. I tried to get one but never got any kind of information from them besides a “we forwarded your application to the webcomic alley people” email. I suspect it was some combination of webcomics being confined to a specific section from the rest of artist’s alley and that they have many webcomic guests to fill it with. Maybe as I become a little more well known I’ll have a better chance. So I’ll just be a regular attendee again this year. I probably just have to start preparing earlier in the year for future cons.
Anyway if you see me at the con feel free to accost me. I may have a small entourage but they’re not as scary as they look.

In other news Rift wiki. It is… sort of. It needs content and people who are smarter at wiki editing than I (read: anyone who knows anything about editing wiki). As of this writing I’ve made like 2% of an article and then realized that I don’t know how to categorize things or organize pages.